Opt The Best Lab – “A Careful step towards your Diagnosis”

 Diagnostic Lab

In India, infectious diseases are the major causes of Deaths, which account for more than half of all deaths in children.

An important contributing factor to the enormous burden of ill health is the lack of access to good quality diagnostic testing.

 Diagnostic Lab Is An Important Component In Healthcare

 Most critical treatment decisions are based on diagnostic lab results and with the advent of Information Technology and Computer; people are becoming more and more health conscious.

So it became very important to choose your diagnostic centre wisely. The Most Desirable characteristics of the best diagnostic labs are as follows-

Reliability – Reliability is considered to be one of the most important factor while choosing up of the best diagnostic lab, as your doctor will provide you the medication based on these test only.

Keeping the reliability factor is mind, one of the leading chains of the diagnostic centre, 3HCare, provide the detail accreditation of the diagnostic labs available on this online portal which ensure transparency too.

After the advent of 3HCare, it has been observed that there has been an increase in the number of people coming forward for their preventive health checkups.

Accessibility – Easy accessibility for all has proved to be a boon especially for elderly people who find it difficult to visit the diagnostic centre early morning, empty stomach.

The advancement of technology eradicates the need of going to the lab for appointments and collection of the report, as the report is mailed to you.

3HCare maintains the complete database of the patient for easy access as well as future consultations.

Get tested at convenient Time- Busy working professionals do not get enough time to go for the health checkups at the desired location.

The online technology helps in scheduling their test as per their time availability.

The price transparency at 3HCare portal helps in creating awareness of the best prices and offers available at all the diagnostic labs.

 CA (Dr) Ruchi Gupta, Founder and CEO, 3hcare.in says ‘Early diagnosis and treatment not only reduces the risk of the patient developing long-term complications but for diseases such as  TB, HIV and many more reduces the chances of transmission of disease to other members of the community’.

So while opting for a diagnostic lab the following things should be kept in mind kept in mind

Expertise – Experience and skill are the two most important aspects that should be kept in mind while choosing the diagnostic labs. Both these aspects ensure accurate results.

The pathologist and lab technicians should be skilled and experienced.

The accuracy of Report- There is no space for human error when it comes to the diagnostic test. It is essential that the test reports should be accurate without any error as the wrong treatment will cost serious consequences.

Latest Technology – The test should be done using the latest technology as it will help in providing high-quality diagnostic services.

At the same time, the pathologists and lab technicians should be given proper knowledge on how to operate these latest technologies and heavy machinery.

Patient diagnosed early can and learn strategies and tips to better cope and manage the symptoms and the disease.

Early diagnosis is the key to live a higher quality of life for the person afflicted, less stress for family and more time to treasure the present and prepare for the future.



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