Easebuzz Brings Easy Payment Solution For SME’s


Easebuzz was launched in 2016 to solve the major problem in the current industry of payment gateway.

An online payment solution which caters exclusively to small and medium sector enterprises is co-founded by Mr. Rohit Prasad, Co-Founder, and Director, and Mr. Vikram Kumar, Co-Founder, and Director.

        Mr. Vikram Kumar and Mr. Rohit Prasad

With total transaction sales value of over 100 million in one year, Easebuzz has come out with remarkable figures keeping in mind the competition with giant players it faces.

With its inception laid down in the year 2015, November, Easebuzz falls under its parent company SRV Media.

Both the companies share responsibilities on the digital front and provide all services from making a website till providing payment gateway services.

An Indian seller with a bank account can easily set-up their own digital shop or web store from where buyers could buy their products.

Why Chose Easebuzz

  1. Anyone can start business online.
  2. Everything is free. No hosting, set-up or AMC charges-onlycharging the transaction rates which are applicable on all payment modes such as – All debit cards, Credit cards, Netbanking and UPI.
  3. Each business can have customized pricing. Most of the recent payment gateway companies charge a flat fee. However, in easebuzz charges are as per business volumes and business category. For example : If you are running a dance academy then the pricing is different in easebuzz from a person who has a retail shop
  4. Customize payments and establish loyalty – Easebuzz allows a user to customize offerings to their customers through payment link solutions. One can create offers, discounts and coupons corresponding to your products and accept online orders. The best part is that this link would only be visible to individual customers and is not public!
  5. Maximum payment options- Easebuzz allows you to have 100+ payment options. There are 70+ netbanking options, All debit cards, All credit cards and UPI to transfer money from one account to another.

The startup today has more than 10,000 merchants online doing daily transactions.


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