Fabogo Introduces 0% Commission For Transactions


Pune, 11 January 2018: Pune based leading online discovery platform for salons аnd spas, Fabogo has introduced 0% commission for their transactions to make beauty аnd wellness services easy to discover.

Fabogo, a flagship product of Mazkara Internet believes that the first step of making the model successful is to provide the customers with various options and varieties to choose from, in turn enabling the merchants to bring the maximum number of their customers on the platform.

The earlier commission model was obstructing merchants to acquire new customers.

This move is speculated to improve customer satisfaction аnd ultimately help Fabogo to live up to its vision of making a smoother merchant-customer experience.

The feedback from Fabago’s merchants also included an alternate way for people interact with their websites.

They wanted their customers to land directly on the Fabogo’s page for the merchant, rather than going to their own website.

Prasanjeet Roy, CEO & Co-Founder, Fabogo said, One of the reasons of incorporating zero percent model is to facilitate the merchants to be able to provide seamless online discovery experience to their customers. This would be a permanent business strategy going forward. I am sure this move will boost the revenue.

The revamped version of Fabogo website will include a chat option to bridge the communication gap between the customers аnd the merchants.

The website is expected to launch next month and would allow customers to transact online.


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