5 Good Hygiene Habits Every Women Should Adopt in 2018

Good Hygiene Habits

In today’s modern era, people struggle to follow a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy.

Especially in metropolitan cities where people are obsessed with nightlife culture, they try to find out ways to detoxify themselves by eating healthy and planning a workout routine etc.

We believe in the known saying – “Health is wealth” and taking care of our personal hygiene is a crucial part of it.

Women in India have been playing a lot of roles in the society, starting with household chores to office work to managing different relationships with their family and outside world.

Strong women play an important part in the overall growth of the company and hence, it becomes vital for them to adopt good hygiene habits to keep them healthy and strong.

Taking women into consideration, most of the people talk about ‘Menstrual Hygiene’, do’s and don’ts and myths related to it.

However, they should be equally aware of understanding the importance of adopting good daily hygiene habits and its impact on them and overall lifestyle.

In the recent years, Healthcare sector in India has been transformed with latest developments and advancements.

With rapid urbanization, growing middle-class population, rising awareness and education, growing number of working women, we have a huge market today that offers a variety of health and hygiene-related products for women.

Here we talk about 5 good hygiene habits that women should adopt in 2018.

These are generally routine habits that every woman should follow to attain good health and safe surroundings where-ever they go.

  • Using a sanitized washroom – The problem of unclean and infected toilets is huge in India. A woman might be traveling, at the office or any other place, peeing is a need. It becomes very difficult to use a common washroom that is used by multiple people and may call for a variety of washroom borne diseases making you sick and unhealthy. Diseases like Diarrhea and UTI are common among women. There are toilet seat sanitizers available in the market that are handy and ensure protection to 99.9% infections. This is a must-have for every woman, an integral part of their daily hygiene.
  • Special care of Intimate Areas – Since, intimate areas are more sensitive than other body parts, they need special care. Women should take special care of Intimate areas to let them breathe. There is a variety of natural intimate wash available in the market and those are highly recommended by doctors especially during menstruation cycles. It is ideal to be used during summers and post workout bath too. They should change sanitary napkin and tampons every 6 hours to avoid infections, rashes, and irritation.
  • Keep your hands clean – We do all our work with hands and it is imperative to keep them clean. Dirty hands can cause illness because of the unseen germs that can be harmful in various ways. While traveling or at places with no water facility, portable hand sanitizers can be used to keep your hands sanitized. They are easy to use anywhere and everywhere and is a ‘must have’ in a girl’s handbag/travel kit.
  • Stay dry, clean & hydrated – To avoid any kind of infections, we should keep ourselves clean, dry and hydrated. Understanding that ‘Washing and wiping is equally important’. Be at home or workplace, it is recommended to drink a lot of water and keep yourself clean and dry.
  • Taking care of hygiene at the workplace – It becomes essential to take care of your hygiene at workplace too. Your laptop might have a lot of germs on it, washroom might stink, you might eat something without realizing you have not washed your hands etc. All these daily hygiene habits take time to develop but are effective in the long run.

Women should try to follow these regularly to develop these habits as a daily routine.

These combined with a healthy diet and forty-five minutes of work-out every day will make you overall active and healthy.

This will keep the doctor at bay and will also lead to happy ‘YOU’.

The author of this article is Mr.Vikas Bagaria, Founder, PeeSafe.


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