Raw Pressery Launches Souper Soup In A Cup With Chemicals Free

Raw Pressery Launches Souper Soups

Monsoons are our favorite season and if you haven’t heard, Raw Pressery has got just the right beverage to comfort our cravings by introducing India’s first ready to consume soups – Souper-Soups! Just heat & eat or pop & sip.

Yes, of course, the soups are free of preservatives, chemicals, colours or any added sugar just like our juices – All Good. No Bad.

Souper-soup in line with all RAW products are made in kitchens and not in labs.

Each recipe is blended with love and nothing else, to get you a bowl of health brimming with flavour.

What’s more is that you can have it cold or sip it hot.

Some serious research got us to understand that you’d like to do away with the stirring, boiling and mixing.

So, we put our newest members to the RAW family in microwavable cups for you to enjoy your liquid nutrition on the go.

Souper-soup is launched in two flavours – Tomato and Mix Veggie.

Tomato Soup
  Mix Veggie Soup

Both are made with locally sourced farm fresh ingredients.

While tomato tantalizes your taste buds, mix veggie promises to be your go-to for leafy greens.

Souper soups help build immunity and keep your digestive system in check.

Rich in dietary fiber, the soups also help in lowering cholesterol while being absolutely-gobsmackingly delicious!


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