Digital Marketing: A Great Career For The Tech-Savvy In India

    Tech savvy

    Before I start, when did you last check your phone? Or, are you reading this article on your phone itself?

    That’s the scope and scale of digital for you!

    When we were first introduced to the Internet, emails were the only one way of being in contact with people online.

    You went to your desktop or laptop, spent time doing your work and occasionally ‘visited’ the online space. That’s how much time people would spend on the ‘web’, back then.

    How did this go from a place you just sometimes visited to being a space that encapsulates your daily life?

    With the advent of technological advances in smartphones, apps, radio-navigation systems, social media websites, the online space is present wherever you are.

    So, how do we go about utilizing this rapidly growing space to the best of its potential?

    We channelize our audiences and provide them with exactly the kind of content that they would be interested in.

    In doing so, processes like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Display and Affiliate Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, Branding and Communication Strategies, Designing, Web Development, Content Marketing, come into the picture.

    Each of these teams work closely together to come up with a data-backed strategic approach to market a company digitally.

    Here, let me give you a brief idea of what some of these jobs revolve around –

    Search Engine Optimization involves around garnering traffic for a website or a page organically i.e. without paying for ads.

    This is done by keyword searches, user experience optimization, using a host of tools like

    Then, there is brand development, communication strategies, and content creation.

    This involves analyzing the brand, the audience, competitors with other such metrics and then carefully craft strategies and implement them.

    A fresher can start building upon any of these skills to develop a stead-fast career in one of the most promising industries out there!

    One of the major advantages of being part of this digital revolution is the fresh and innovative approach everyone around you comes up with.

    As this is a relatively new industry, the career growth is swift and stable. Besides, this has also given rise to a number of start-ups which foster talent in every niche.

    This gives the industry an upper-hand with regards to work culture, too; young, bright minds coming together to work on concepts and ideation!

    Reports by IAMAI and Kantar IMRB show that the number of internet users in India is expected to reach 500 million by June 2018.

    The number is predicted to grow to 511.89 million in the year 2022.

    As a result of this severe growth in the digital world, marketers now spend more on digital than all forms of traditional advertising combined.

    At the same time, marketers have insatiable appetites for the tech industry as the consumers are more connected to technology.

    They are spending a lot of money on technology to get the attention of their customers on every possible platform.

    Thus marketers are now burdened by challenges resulting from the rapid rise of technology.

    This creates a demand for job opportunities for tech-savvy people in this space.

    It becomes very important that marketers harness the potential that technology offers to get detailed insights into their target consumer base and turn that data into actionable strategies to generate much greater revenue.

    To keep up with these changes and execute their plans with precision, marketers depend on tools like Analytics, Sentimental Analysis, Customer Relationship Management tools, Data Management platforms.

    These can be best handled by tech junkies – web developers, data analysts, social media professionals – to create powerful and relevant marketing campaigns.

    So, have you the potential to be at the forefront of this turning point?

    Tech savvy individuals who are ambitious and diligent in the approach to work fit perfectly in the industry. Communication skills and project management are also of a great help.

    With no prior qualification or education in digital required, careers in digital can afford the possibility of flexible working hours.

    To conclude, this industry is thriving. And, it is going to be like this for a long time now.

    So, if you’re tech-savvy, with a thirst for knowledge and burning passion, this industry is where you’ve got to be!

    The authors of the article are Rohit Prasad and Vikram Kumar, Co-Founders and Directors of SRV Media and EaseBuzz.


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