Celebrate The Warmth of Christmas In The New York Style


New Delhi, December 14, 2017:  It’s December and Christmas is around the corner, the festival of joy and celebration.

Christmas has always been the festival for sharing, caring and celebrating togetherness.

Pacific Mall nestled in the heart of Delhi is ready to welcome 2018 and adieu 2017 by celebrating the warmth of Christmas & vibrancy of New Year and will take you to New York being in Delhi.

The Mall is known for creating out of the box experience for their dear customers and this year again they have come with a major surprise and have come with a 45 ft replica of “Statue of Liberty” which weighs more than 1000 kg.

The Statue of Liberty standing tall inside the main atrium has become a huge attraction for customers and is a perfect selfie point with people queuing up to get themselves clicked with the marvel.

Statue of Liberty
 45 ft replica of “Statue of Liberty” which weighs more than 1000 kg at Pacific Mall, New Delhi.

Details About The Statue of Liberty

  1. Height: 45 ft
  2. Width: 8.5ft * 9ft (at bottom)
  3. Team of more than 150 people involved
  4. Material used: Eps, Pu Foam, Pu Quoting & iron
  5. Total weight of more than 1000 kg.

The mall’s décor has become very popular with the customers and especially children as they are getting a feel of visiting New York in Delhi!

It is the time when Santa Claus is the greatest superhero and gifts and wishes are all eagerly given and awaited.

Here comes an apt time for the mall to be big-hearted and generous, to show their free spirit and giving bountiful of gifts and cheer to the customers with surprises.

Mr. Salim Roopani, Centre Director – Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden encapsulates the year 2017 and says, Christmas is easily the busiest festival for us, the only other occasions that come close are national holidays, but even then, Christmas gets the maximum footfall in the year across NCR. There is no dull minute in the mall and it’s buzzing with people and activity all day long. 

Schedule For Christmas Eve

16-Dec-17 – Moms & Babies dance by groovaroo team (ibdd)

17-Dec-17 – Bhangra in Christmas Style

23-Dec-17 – Santa parade

24-Dec-17 – Carol Singing

Get A Chance To Win The Bumper Prize Of international Holiday For A Couple

This year Pacific is giving its customers a chance to win a European Holiday.

Customers can shop for Rs 15,000/- or above from anywhere in the Mall between 3rd Dec 2017 – 31st Dec 2017 and stand a chance to win the Bumper Prize of European Holiday for a couple and there is also a chance to win a gift voucher of worth Rs. 50,000/- every weekend of the month.

The food chains have made special arrangements for this Christmas week.

Many stores will be open until midnight so that you have abundant time to pick up goodies and gifts.

Some remarkable activities are wrapped up for every weekend to make it more exciting and fun-filled. Renowned artists will be performing every weekend to end your week on a high note.

This year the center of attraction will be the “Statue of Liberty” and there are some amazing offers and sale going on as Christmas demands surprises and Pacific Mall has always managed to make their customers happy, Mr. Salim further added.



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