Say No To Adulteration,Happy Milk Comes Up With Organic Dairy Products

Happy Milk

Born out of a desire to provide people with fresh, lip-smacking and wholesome milk products, Happy Milk is a Truly organic brand that promises nourishment in its truest form.

Started by 22-year old Mehal Kejriwal, the company aims to make our lifestyle authentic, truly organic and healthful.

Located in Tumkur, the Happy Milk Cow Farm uses the Israeli Know- How and state of the art German Technology for its products. With minimal or no human interference the company promises to deliver quality milk and milk products from the farm to fork.

Happy Milk has received certification from bodies like HACCP,FSSAI,ISO, Aditi and soon to get authentication from Jayvik Bharat.

The products spell innovation and creativity as each is skillfully stored in mud pots or hand carved glass bottles. The brand philosophy aims at taking the consumer back to the roots but with a twist.

The Inventive street smart packaging of products is visually appealing and scientifically proven.

Young, Inspired Mehal Kejriwal while researching on the nuances of milk and milk products found that there was a need for organic farm fresh milk in the market.

Adulterated Milk had carcinogens and was a major cause of cancer. This is where Mehal came up with the innovative idea of Happy Milk. The products have received a good response in the market

Happy Milk has launched 6 products into the market namely, versions of milk, both pasteurized and non-pasteurized, curd, paneer & ghee. The brand is to add more products in the coming months

The brand makes sure that the diet and lifestyle is authentic, organic and nutritious with Happy Milk because – Real Milk, Matters!

The brand is all geared up to provide a never before experience with its products and is en-route innovation.

About The Founder

Ms. Mehal Kejriwal,Founder,Happy MIlk
Ms. Mehal Kejriwal,Founder,Happy MIlk

Ms. Mehal Kejriwal, an entrepreneur at heart, founded Happy Milk, an organic milk products company.

This was after a few family members were diagnosed of cancer. She realized that there was a need of truly organic and farm fresh milk in the market and the key challenges were a huge investment and livestock maintenance.

Ms.Mehal strongly believes that going back to our roots for food is essential for a healthy future. She firmly believes that Happy Cows make happy milk.


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