Tips to avoid Faltering in JEE Main – Do’s and Don’ts


Even though the pattern and the difficulty level for the JEE Main exam is same for both online as well as the offline mode, it is just the matter of comfort level.

Computer based testing is just another way of conducting the examination and all your performance counts is on the basis of your practice method.

JEE Advanced being conducted in complete online mode, opting for computer based testing in the JEE Main might have some extra benefits over the conventional pen & Paper method.

With lot of options to practice for online based tests (Mock tests) available, this will boost up the confidence levels while attempting online tests.

Though selecting the most comfortable method is the best way to show the preparations, there are certain points to remember while the JEE Main 2018 –

While appearing for the JEE Mains through computer based testing (CBT) remember the following points

  • Remember, in JEE (Main)-CBT the correct options are submitted by click of the mouse. It is important that questions be attempted in a sequence so as to remember your order of attempting the questions. It is advisable to take several Mock Test papers in Online Mode for JEE (Main) original Exam.
  • One must scroll the screen to check if all questions are appearing on the screen before starting to attempt the questions.
  • As all pages can be viewed through a tab on the top right side of the screen, select the subject you wish to take up first and ensure to click on the right option and save the option immediately. One must be careful to submit the paper only after all the questions in respective subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics have been dealt with.

 While appearing for the JEE Main through Offline method, remember the following points

  • In offline (Pen & Paper) exam, check that you have got the entire question paper and no page is missing in between because of printing mistake.
  • Attempt all subjects in 3 rounds and not attempt subject wise,
  • Not allotting equal or fixed time per subject
  • Attempting questions in the order of ease of doing them, where ease depends upon

both the ability to solve a question and time taken to solve it.

 Dos for JEE Main 2018

  • Carefully read the entire question paper in the first 5-10 minutes.
  • Attempt easy questions first. Choose sections that have less risk and more gain.
  • Double check before marking the OMR sheet.
  • Take up adequate no. of Mock tests Online for JEE through a well-known source in case you have registered for JEE in Online format.

Don’ts for JEE Main 2018

  • Don’t start from question you don’t know.
  • Don’t get upset if any section is tough. You can score in other sections.
  • Don’t guess if you have no idea about the concept involved in a question.
  • Don’t be nervous if you find the paper tough, since it is the relative performance that counts. Hence, put your best analytical mind to work, it will take you ahead.
  • Don’t take the Online Exam if you are not comfortable with computers and are not adequately trained for the same.

The author of this article is Mr.Ramesh Batlish,JEE Expert,FIITJEE.


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