OnlyPaithani:A Benchmark Of Distinct Style With Impeccable Quality


From the regal Kancheepuram silk to the stunning Banarasi, Indian Sarees are known for their beauty and for the exquisite and painstaking thought and craft that goes into their weaving.

The opulent Paithani Sarees are no different.

Their name embodies their heritage, as they were first made in the Paithan town of Aurangabad, Maharashtra.


OnlyPaithani SareesTheir distinct style of a broad boarder and an oblique body makes them especially beautiful when draped over your shoulder.

Only Paithani is a brand that’s a first of its kind and, at inception, it is dedicated exclusively to curating the most impressive Paithani Sarees.

OnlyPaithani Sarees

It has now grown to house a choice collection of handloom textiles with impeccable quality and unique designs.

The sarees housed here are the kind that brides would be proud to wear at their wedding and the kind that gets passed on from one generation to the next as family heirlooms.

They are as everlasting as they are beautiful. If not the dedication to the finery of silk, their inventiveness, and innovation in the space of Saree shopping make them an ideal choice for customers.

 About The Founder

Arati Baandal,Founder,OnlyPaithani
                                                Arati Baandal, Founder, OnlyPaithani

The proprietor, Ms. Arati Baandal studied engineering but decided that industrial machinery was not her calling. Instead, she established OnlyPathaini to support the indigenous artisan.

Arati goes beyond just curating pieces for her collection.

She is on a journey to educate the customers & is working tirelessly to create and source the finest available!

Her commitment to authenticity makes her brand OnlyPaithani a cut above the rest.

She believes that Paithani, in particular, is not just another way to weave the Saree it is a way of upholding tradition and it is that which makes it art.

With the launch of the store in Bangalore, Ms. Baandal looks forward to coming up with many more outlets in the future.



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