Gurugram Gets Premier Functional Fitness Space At RUFFIT


Gurugram, 5th March 2018: RUFFIT, one of India’s premier functional fitness spaces was launched recently at Global Foyer Mall, Gurugram.

The center founded by Aditya Sharma, with its focus on different types of high-intensity workouts, strongly believes in its motto, ‘Move it or lose it’.

The palatial area where all the components of fitness amalgamate, ideal for becoming ‘functionally fit’ with focus on cardio respiratory workouts, flexibility, strength and neuromotor training.

The indoor rock climbing wall is an interesting addition to the workout atmosphere.

The group-exercise formats are segmented into 4 categories.

First, the dumbbell training, with its targeted approach to improving strength, power, musculature, and performance feature the most effective exercises for the upper body.

The exercises are accompanied by step by step instruction, common errors and corrections and safety considerations for the clients.

During HIIT Training, the experts focus on exercises that burn fat, shape and strengthen the upper and lower body alongside assistance with core strength for excellent posture and enhanced physical performance.

Another unique workout, Race Pilates, combines the principle of Pilates with unique body weight movements in different body orientations.

The perfectly synced mix of music is one of the game changers that adds an element of energy and vibrance to the centre keeping nutrition as its important element.

The RUFFIT Cafe provides nutritious alternatives and ensures a holistic experience for all its health-conscious customers.

With options like Peri Peri Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Cottage Cheese Skewers, Peanut- Butter fudge brownie and nutritious and antioxidant juices, the cafe is an extension of the values that the brand stands for.

The trainers at the center are carefully chosen after qualitative analysis.

RUFFIT is also all set to be India’s first Government approved facility and Training center.


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