Studying At International University,A Better Career Option:Says Experts 


New Delhi,29 September,2018: With a positive outlook to provide better career options internationally, students from commerce stream now have a wide range of career options to choose from.

International education provides equal options for all streams Science, Commerce or Humanities. Commerce as a stream is a popular among students. Having studied Commerce at class XII allows students to choose from a multitude of courses at graduation level, paving the way for a range of career choices.

“The Universities internationally offering a variety of degree courses at Under Graduate Level, Good exposure, State-of-Art Infrastructure and world recognition of the degrees earned by these foreign universities give a head start to the career of any student. Indian students are used to a passive learning style, and they get to experience a more engaging and active learning style when studying abroad. Active learning through various activities like class participation, exchange of dialogues, case studies and practical off and on campus experience through live projects make learning fun and more meaningful for the Indian Students.” said Mr. Reeturaj Goswami, Product Head, International Education Desk, PRATHAM Education.

It is a difficult choice to make from a number of options available nationally or internationally. Graduates get prepared for entry-level careers in International Business or Transportation, in Finance and Economics, Entrepreneurship Management, Digital Marketing and Communication Management.

“International education provides a holistic environment which helps a student to learn and grows in his/her area of specialization and in-depth interaction with the faculty provides the students a global perspective on any issue. A Bachelor degree program in Commerce provides a study of the principles of economics and some programs include fundamentals of global economics, Social and cultural awareness, Political awareness and policies and languages. Upon graduating, students might pursue management careers in business or government. Relevant certifications are offered through the International Export-Import Institutes.” added Mr.Goswami.

These courses may be offered as a major or minor within business program. Additionally, some premier schools offer dual degree programs, combining bachelor’s and master’s degree programs’ coursework.

The world subject rankings table does not offer a separate subject option for Commerce and lists entries under Business Management, Economics and Econometrics. Digital Marketing is also one of those courses which are coming up really fast.

A course in Digital Marketing deals in integrated marketing communications such as planning and strategy of marketing campaigns, social media communications, consumer behavior and more.

The institution along with its faculty has always catered to the needs of the students and mentoring students across all the streams and imparting knowledge with the motive to keep their students on heights in all over the world.


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