Abhijeet Satam:A Young Entrepreneur-Ticketees

Abhijeet Satam,Co-Founder,Ticketees
Abhijeet Satam,Founder,Ticketees
  1. You are an actor, producer, director, and an entrepreneur-How do you manage it all?

I feel an important skill to learn when you are engaged in multiple things is time management.

You need to prioritize and sort things out so that everything can be managed well. Also, people management, having a good team is an essential factor.

When all tasks are well distributed and planned you don’t feel the stress or anxiety of finishing so many tasks.

Everything automatically falls into place. At times I feel am fortunate that I met the right people who were as enthusiastic and kicked with the ideas as I was with most of my ventures.


  1. Tell us about your co-venture Ticketees-What was the thought behind it.

Ticketees is a platform co-founded by me and my colleagues in the year 2013.

After a lot of thoughts that were put together, we established a ticketing platform for live content producers.

We started off with building it for ourselves but slowly we saw it gaining popularity amongst various other producers as they could post their work for absolutely no cost.

It is a unique platform where one can book tickets for curated events, concerts, dramas, live stream shows and tours.

Today, we have a strong base in Maharashtra and Goa with a very active and growing user base of 1.25 lakh plus audiences.

We are aiming at expanding it to more other states in India soon.

  1. What were the hurdles that you faced when you were starting this venture?

Well, there were a few hurdles from which actually we learned a lot. The primary concern was getting the content producers to trust the concept.

I still remember that the first presentation of this concept was given to 70 producers out of which most of the producers were disinterested saying that the particular industry doesn’t need a platform like Ticketees at this point in time.

Today, after four years of establishing this platform, we are all happily enjoying a whole new experience of booking tickets.

There were few incidents after the launch of the platform. Like, the drama theatre industry still in the case of booking tickets is a bit unorganized.

Most of the venues are still booking tickets manually at box offices without any computer systems.

So while these theatres were managing bookings through the platform and manually too, there was a lot of confusion as one particular seat was sometimes given to 2 different individuals, one who has booked the ticket at the counter and other who booked it online.

Thankfully such matters don’t happen now, it’s all sailing smoothly now.

  1. How is Ticketees different from the other e-commerce ticket booking websites?

The most important and differentiating factors are:

  • Ticketees as a platform is free for producers to publish their content, whereas other platforms charge a fee to the producers to list their events or shows.
  • If the ticket sale of a particular event exceeds or crosses a certain collection amount we at times share a percentage of our profits with that producer.
  • One of the core reasons why producers have started preferring Ticketees than other ticketing platforms is because of the simplicity and transparency of our business model.
  1. What are the future plans for Ticketees?

Well, we have dynamic plans and few ideas which are being explored on priority:

  • We are looking at starting something along the lines of virtual ticketing for streamings and online content.
  • For online ticketing, we plan to expand the reach to pan India.
  • We want to add more destinations in the travel categories. Connect with a lot of travelers who can cover live footages of their tour experiences on our platforms.
  • This will allow the users to get a live experience of the destinations.
  1. Any message for Startup entrepreneurs

Always have a clear plan and flexible versions of it too i.e., if plan A fails, you always have planned next to count on.

Do not hesitate to take suggestions from people and look out for opportunities that will be coming your way. Try new things fearlessly and don’t repeat the same mistakes again.


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